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SSL v3 is unusable! Upgrade Domino or Terminate TLS in front of Domino to take advantage of TLS 1.0 or higher. 19-12-2014

Because of the POODLE-vulnerability found in SSL version 3, you have to upgrade your Domino server and optionally reimport the SSL-certificate. The only alternative is to place a reverse proxy server in front of Domino, and terminate SSL (actually TLS) on this host instead of Domino.

Catch all mails sent to specific SMTP domain in IBM Lotus Domino 16-04-2014

How to route all mail for a certain SMTP domain to a single mail database

Tips about external agents attending a queue in freepbx 29-01-2014

Here's a little code snippit that can enable your staff members to log in and out of a queue from a cellphone, plus checks if they are the last person to attend the queue.

Convert WMA recorded files to asterisk 21-01-2014

With this handy little script, you can convert every WMA file into both wav,sln and gsm, so asterisk has some alternatives to choose from.