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Dynamic conferencerooms in FreePBX 07-11-2013

With the standard FreePBX, you can only make an extension with a single conference room. With this neat little piece of code, you can make a dynamic conference rooms connected to one single extension.

Using JSONP for exchanging data across domains 25-09-2013

If you are building a website and would like to make a JQUERY call to a LotusScript agent in an IBM database on another domain, you are likely to run into security issues in your browser.

Increase your virtualization storage with iSCSI 07-09-2013

Vmware ESXI supports iSCSI as a storage solution. With that you can both connect a centralized backupserver, or increase storage size with disks in a SAN.

HTTP-log comes from a HTTP-server 23-01-2013

You shouldn't rely on JavaScript-based tools for logs and analytics, if you realy want to know whats going on at your website.