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Catch all mails sent to specific SMTP domain in IBM Lotus Domino

I have often heard that Domino can't route all the mail sent to a specific domain to a single database file. In january a collegue asked if this could be done in one of my communities (the Facebook page of the Danish Lotus Usergroup - DanNotes), and besides answering him I decided that this time I'd better post an entry about the solution to this blog.

I have been doing this the same way since 2001, in the begining using Domino version 5.

OK - Here it comes

Off course you need to create MX-records and things like that, to let your server receive the mails which is sent to the domain. You also need to allow Domino to receive these mails. As if you should receive and relay this mail to someone else, you need to add the domain to the list of domains you will accept mail for. This will be done in your Configuration Document:

Then you will need to create a Foreign SMTP Domain for routing the SMTP domain to a Foreign Domain:

Go to the Routing tab. In the field Internet Domain you'll enter the domain name you want to catch and deliver to a single database. In the field Domain name (in section "Should be Routed to:") you must make up a relevant name for a Foreign Domain:

Now you will have to create this Foreign Domain. Add the same name to the field Foreign domain name:

Now go to the tab named Mail Information and decide on which server and in which database you will like to receive all the mails for your domain:

I guess I should have posted this many years ago, because when I DuckDuckGo the feature (propably also when searching the net through other search engines) I find many other strange solutions for achieving this functionality.

Please let me know if this doesn't work for you, if you have better alternative solutions or if I have typos or other errors in this blog post which needs to be corrected :-)

- Tobias

16-04-2014 17:11

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Why not just use server mail rules? 28-04-2014 13:28

Create a server mail rule where When To or CC contains then Move to Database semaphor\demo.nsf?


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