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Dynamic conferencerooms in FreePBX

We have made many VOIP installations the past few months, and prefer FreePBX for customers because of the web interface and usability.
But one thing I am missing in FreePBX that bare Asterisk has is the feature to make an extension that can dynamically make conference rooms with the number punched in by the user.

In FreePBX all main config files are overwritten by the web frontend but every main file fortunately has a custom file where you can put your custom configuration in.

For this to work, you'll need to paste the following in to the file /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf


exten => 569,1,Answer
        same => n, Wait(1)
        same => n(USER),Set(MEETME_OPTS=cdMr)
        same => n,Gosub(sub-record-check,s,1(conf,569,always))
        same => n,MeetMe(,${MEETME_OPTS})
; NOTE: If you add the option 'e', * will choose room # for you
; Change the 'd' option to 'D' if you want to have a pin number for the conference
; c gives the caller the number of participants already in the conference.
; r records every meeting in a folder (where?) by the date.

The 569 is the extension name that you'll call.
The Gosub commands ensures that your call is propperly registered in the CDR statistics, with recordings of every conference meeting held.

To help you and FreePBX remember that you have taken the extension 569, go into the web and add a Admin->Custom Extension with the same number.

07-11-2013 11:31


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